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Grims' Truth is an epic fantasy book series comprising 60 books and multiple realms. It was first published September 15, 2012 under the name Hunters, Ghosts, & Shadows with an expected 21 books until authors Isu Yin and Fae Yang signed with Evolved Publishing. Under the new series name, they transformed the 21 book design into a 60 book outline with smaller books broken into 20 arcs.

The first book in the series, Rota Fortunae, launched October 2, 2017 with the second installment, Conundrum, following shortly after December 4, 2017. The third book in the series, Chaos Theory, is expected to launch April 4, 2018 with three books launching per year.


Set in an empire known as Mu, Grims' Truth begins unfolding its story with a rather elusive and obscure plot. It is known to follow the perspectives of numerous eccentric characters, one per book and three per arc. The general concept of the plot seems to be that the Universe in the story, Euphoria, is out of balance and that several large groups of different beliefs are clashing over how they believe their empire should run.

While there is no immediate explanation for how the Universe fell out of balance, there have been many hints that the answers are hidden in plain sight and will be answered by the fifth arc, the Game.

The story has its own mythology, folklore, language, and history which play a large role in the mystery of the plot. Following the story of book 2, Conundrum, there are also several references to theism and philosophy regarding a superior power called the Grandmaster who is said to be the Creator of the Universe.

With this addition and the many clues strewn throughout the initial books, it's easy to assume there's much more beneath the surface that has yet to be revealed.

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